Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tonight, I need a vacation!

Kiddies were extra whiny tonight which makes mommy a little crazy.  I feel like I need a vacation so I thought I'd reminisce a bit and show you where I was recently and hopefully get all caught up in the feeling and pretend I'm back there.  

Two weeks ago we were here:  
water slide
Not the kiddie pool!  This was taken early in the am.

(This wasn't the order I intended to post but can't bother to fix them now!!)

As a matter of fact, we were having a phenomenal dinner at Nobu.  One of my faves if not my favorite restaurant.  Don't even get me started on the Mochi - if you know how to make it, please share.  

A fun 4 nights with the whole fam damily:  me, husband, kiddies and in-laws.  I begged and pleaded with N (husband) and he finally gave in.  He was convinced he would not like the Bahamas.  The first 18 hours I wondered if I had made a good decision.  The one thing I wasn't expecting:  ALL THE PEOPLE.   Atlantis is kind of a Vegas, Disney mix with water.  

After breakfast our first morning, we prepared for the pool.  All packed up and headed over and spent too much time looking for pool chairs.  Just to lay our stuff on.  Chairs as far as the eye could see, all occupied.  Occupied by towels, beach bags, beach toys and the occasional parent, grandparent or sleeping child.  After we got in the pool and I saw the kids having such a good time, I relaxed - forgot about the hundreds (maybe thousands) of other people around us and the remainder of the vacation was fab.

I would highly recommend it for a family vacation.  Highlights:  Nobu, the aquariums, walking around, Marina village at night (too hot in the day!), drooling over the amazing yachts, Splashers kiddie pool.  Oh and some enjoyed the water slides (I'm not very adventurous).  Lowlights:  mediocre food & service, lotsa people, pretty expensive.

Ok - it's taken me 5 attempts to get this done so I'm going to stop now.  

Where you have been on vacation this summer?  Any upcoming vacation plans?



a H.I.T. said...

Love the Bahamas! We had to cancel our trip this year though since we close on the house two weeks earlier. Yuck. If you want access to the Atlantis, but hate all the people, look into the Ocean Club next time. It's a bit pricey, but worth it for all the calm.

Emm said...

That looks awesome! But I wouldn't like it as much if there were tons of people, I guess. I want something like that but without all the crowds!

'ttfn'? Ta ta for now? I love that.