Sunday, November 22, 2009


Well Llama, you are the winner! I don't know how to post my random number screen, but it chose 5 and that was you!

Now don't get me wrong - I couldn't be happier about my winner but I'm wondering why only 2 of my followers entered. I'm flattered that you are happy to follow without getting gifts, but I was really hoping for more entrants. Oh well.

Angie, I wish I had a duplicate package to send to you!

We are flying out of here in about 3 hours. Headed to the Atlanta area where it is rainy and the high is 48! Brrrrrr! We're leaving a gorgeous sunny day here in the tropics. I'm really excited though. Looking forward to all the family time and the yummy food we have in store for us.

Not sure how easy it will be for me to post - so Happy American Thanksgiving everyone! I'm thankful for all my blogland buddies.

Llama, please email me your address so I can post your pressies :)

Elle :)

Monday, November 16, 2009


Sorry for breaking my promise to have these details posted by the end of the weekend! Here goes: My first giveaway includes 2 packs of my favorite Italian cookies, a set of the OPI Mini Merries nail polish, a MAC House of Mirth Deep Lip Bag (includes Lustre Lipstick in Fantasia, Dazzleglass Lip Gloss in Get Rich Quick [maybe I should keep this!] and a Lip Pencil in a cute little bag) and 2 Christmas ornaments if you'd like them. Apologies to those who do not observe Christmas, but that's the only holiday with items to buy for on my little island.
You must follow or become a follower and post a comment to enter.
My existing (and there are currently 15 of you) followers who wish to enter will automatically receive an extra entry just because I'm nice like that.
One extra entry if you post about my giveaway, with a link, on your blog (please let me know in a comment).
I will choose a winner at 10 pm EST on Saturday, November 21st.
I will post the package to anywhere in the world that costs less than USD 25 to post!

Good Luck!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Quick catch up

Oh my goodness - where has the time gone?? Apologies for my lack of presence lately, I've been a little busy. I've been working - well, kinda. You see I have a job lined up for Jan or Feb in an exciting new store. I'm looking forward to it, but a little scared at the same time. Anyways, the ladies I will be working for have many, many things to get sorted before the grand opening so we've started meeting 2x per week to get some things done. Whew! It's exhausting. Evidently I'm a little out of practice.... Before I sound like a prima donna, let me remind you that I'm a stay-at-home mom with 2 kids aged 3 & 1. Trust me, it's a lot to handle even with help. So the days have been slipping through my fingers and geez Louise here we are in mid-November practically. I've got a giveaway to organize IMMEDIATELY. I leave for the US in 11 days and I've gotta get everything together. Thanks to all you lovely commenters and followers who have been sticking with me through this time! I did catch up on a little reading the other night - I was missing my daily reads!!

I should note that I'm using a wireless keyboard now. So defeats the purpose of a laptop - but hey at least I can use the good computer again.

So a few random things to talk about...

-my giveaway will be taking place very soon. I plan to have the details posted by the end of the weekend so stay tuned.

-have watched a few movies lately - here are my reviews: Whatever Works - I liked it. But I like Larry David and it was nice to see him in a role other than him playing himself on Curb. The Taking of Pelham 123 - enjoyed it. I thought it was a good role for Denzel. John Travolta really did a good job of looking a bit off his rocker. Poor, poor man - I still feel so awful for him - losing his son. The Ugly Truth - ok let me confess that it often takes me more than one seating to see a movie. I very often fall asleep during movies. It is no indication of how much I like or dislike a movie. I can sometimes be watching a brilliant movie and my eyes just will not stay open. ANYWAYS - I'm not sure if my sleeping interrupted the flow of this movie, but honestly I didn't finish it. And I had good reviews from others. I found it a little boring.

-I'm currently reading a book called Welcome to the World, Baby Girl by Fannie or Frannie Flag. I'm too lazy to go and look, sorry Ms. Flag! I am really enjoying it. Part of it is set in 1940's middle America another in NYC circa 1970's. Sometimes I get so caught up in my chick lit that I forget too do a little research and read a little variety. Apparently not only do I enjoy reading about other cultures, I also enjoy reading about other generations!

-Confession: I've gotten a little hooked on reruns of the Rachel Zoe Project. Oh gosh how reality TV can just lure you in. My husband is just short of disgusted with this recent habit. I even bought an InStyle magazine today. Why do I do this? First of all I always struggle with what to do with the hunk of paper I've just purchased for my selfish pleasures when I've finished reading it. Secondly it makes me want and long for things that: I don't need, I can't afford and I shouldn't really want. RZ makes me want a really huge and cool jewelry collection. The polar opposite of my classic and small jewelry collection. But really who has time to accessorize for drop-offs at preschool??

Well there's so much more I could share but I need to go referee the playroom before things get ugly in there.

What have you been up to lately?

Elle :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Still needs time??

Oh gosh. I just turned on the Mac for the first time in 11 days. Started up like normal - you should've heard my sigh of relief when I saw the little apple. My heart swelled when I saw the pic of my kids that is the background for my desktop. Then I opened a program and attempted to type and what I got was what I typed along with some random numbers. K9in5d o6f li7ke th3is4. Not good... At least my pics are there, but who can blog, email and facebook when a bunch of numbers are being thrown into the mix?? Am I going to have to get a usb keyboard for my laptop? Doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose? Do you think she needs a little more time? Perhaps a blow dry?

Enough of that for now. I hope you all had a fab Halloween. I did. Dressed the kids up, my girl was a bumblebee and at the last minute I grabbed a pirate costume for my boy. A three year old in costume is adorable. My one year old little rebel as a pirate? HILARIOUS. And he really liked it. I laughed till I cried and that alone was worth the $20 I spent on the costume. I took them out to a big Halloween event - it was fun till the mosquitos attacked. I'm really leaning towards hosting my own party next year. Not for the kids - for us. I haven't dressed up for Halloween in years. Other than throwing on a mask or witches hat along with my normal clothes. And I think when you've just got a bunch of friends together, in costume add a little booze to the equasion and you are bound to have fun, right?? I think I could handle it. Not sure what I'd do with the kids, but I've got an entire year to figure that out.

I can tell I'm rambling, but I miss all my blog buddies. I've been terrible at reading too lately. On that note I think I will sign off for now and catch up on some reading and commenting.

Happy November everybody!!

Elle :)