Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Fall Arrivals?

I just saw this on a website. Hello?!?!? It's still July! Am I the only one who thinks mid-July is too early to have "new Fall arrivals"? Let us enjoy Summer will you? I just bought a new swim ensemble Friday - that seems like appropriate July shopping to me. Certainly not sweaters and trousers.

That's my little Sunday complaint.

Hope you are finishing up a nice weekend. I'm thinking a cold glass of wine by the pool sounds like a great idea right about now....

:) Elle

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Stating the Obvious

Well I guess I needed a blog hiatus. I say need because it really wasn't something I wanted. Somehow nearly 3 months have passed since my last post. Where has the time gone??

It all started with a computer repair that took much longer than I thought. Add a new job into the mix, your 2 existing kids and viola! No blog time.

Here's my quick catch up (as if there are hundreds dying to know! )

My baby will be 2 on Saturday!! And he got glasses about 2 weeks ago. We are on pair #2 and are figuring that this new expense could really cut into the budget!

My job is going well. Sometimes I wonder why I thought it was a good idea to go back to work, but for now I look forward to going in most every day and I look forward to going home too. So I figure that's a good thing. Oh and paychecks are really exciting. Though small by most standards, I haven't had this much cash in my wallet in almost 5 years! ( don't let your mind exaggerate - we are talking $25 most of the time!!)

I got 3 new rugs in my house and I love them. Only thing is it really just whet my appetite for more upgrades which do not fit in the current budget. Especially with the addition of toddler eyeglasses.

I'm still in love with Kate Spade. Thankfully fall is around the corner which doesn't work well in the tropics. Cashmere on an 80 degree day? I think not! So hopefully my temptations will be smothered with wool.

I've been totally sucked into the Bachelorette this season. I found myself watching the last episode this morning at 4 am (I was awake, couldn't go back to sleep and realistically it's the only time I can squeeze it in!!) with tears in my eyes. What the heck?!?! I admit it's the craziest silliest thing, but I totally understand why it works - it suuuccckkkkkssss you in. So judge if you want or email if you want to discuss bcs I have no friends who share my obsession.

If you are about to splurge on a laptop - I'd totally recommend the extra $300 for the lit keyboard. It just took me 3x in the dark to find that dollar sign.

Well it's approaching a reasonable hour in my world so I will sign off - time to make the lunchbox for camp & hit the shower.

OH WAIT - I almost forgot. I had my first fellow-blogger sighting recently! You read it right. In my little remote corner of the world - there I was waiting for my fast food drive through order and I almost felt like I was living a celebrity sighting. My dad was in the car - and his former concerns regarding my mental health were completely confirmed as I got giddy and explained to him who she and her husband were. Of course I kept it all inside the car. And actually haven't even gotten around to emailing her. But anyways it was kind of exciting.

So for now who knows, maybe I'll be awake at 4 every morning and have a little time to post OR maybe I will just continue to be the occasional commenter. I'm non-committal at this point because sometimes my lack of blogging makes me feel guilty which is just plain silly. So here we are.

Hope you are having a grand summer wherever you may be!!

Elle :)