Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Morning Breakfast

Thanks Jamba! Super easy, quite tasty & only 130 calories (or 260 if you drink 16 oz.)

Happy Sunday :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Type A planning part one: birthday party

Hi! Yeah, yeah I know it's been a while but I won't waste any time explaining when there's nothing to explain.

I wouldn't say I'm a true and complete Type A personality. I can be rather laid back about some things, like housework for instance. I feel compelled to at least clarify that my bathrooms are always clean, but other rooms can, at times, be untidy and I've been known to skip making up my bed on occasion. There are some instances when my Type A tendencies take over, birthday party planning for my kids is one such instance.

My little one will be turning 3 next month and he's very excited about it. Daily he asks me "Mommy, I free (3) in July yet?" Which I find just about as cute as you could possibly get.

I asked him what kind of party he'd like while browsing a party supply website one day (mistake #1) and he was very keen on the dump truck theme. And he's requested a "stand up scooter like Olivia (the pig)" as his gift. So earlier this week when I had a miraculously free 90 minutes to spare, the hunt began. No scooters of the 3 wheel variety available on island so far as I could tell. No dump truck party supplies either. Only plain black or yellow and one bulldozer balloon found. Humph. This is when the floodgates open. I realize this party, like many others, will involve some online ordering, ocean freight, customs duty and delivery. That also welcomes the temptation to also order all the many other things you and your children "need" but cannot find on-island. Like new bed linens of the PBK variety, new kiddie luggage and backpacks for our upcoming vacation (type A planning part 2), kitchen soap from Williams Sonoma, and the list could go on forever and ever amen.

So today I will spend at least an hour or two on-line ordering so the goods can make it here on time. I will call my family members to see if they need to add anything to the shipment. See - an aspect of life in paradise you probably hadn't considered, eh? Of course my research began days ago and so far these are definitely on the list. I still have to decide which mylar dump truck balloon is most suitable. Other than that my party list is pretty much complete.

I don't think these Meri Meri cupcake kits can be beat. Saw the princess & pirate varieties in WS last year. Miraculously found a shop on island that had them, all but the dump truck pack that is...

And their party supplies are pretty near perfect. Cute with the right mix of class. Fun for both child and parent!

Type A planning part two sneak peak:

Have a lovely day!!

Elle :)