Sunday, December 27, 2009

It has taken 2 long years....

well almost. Next month will be two years. We've been working on this bathroom reno for a loooonnnng time. It was the first project we wanted to tackle after we bought our house. Instead, we did a bunch of other stuff and lived in another bedroom then moved into the master bedroom without use of the adjoining bath. Then we had a toilet, then sinks, then a tub and now finally a shower. Only we have to seal the floor before we use it and the shops don't reopen till Tuesday. So there is a chance that I might, just might have a shower in my bathroom before 2010. I think it's a major improvement though, don't you think? We gutted the room and reconfigured. The window is the same to give you an idea of positioning. I have to take some after shots of the sink area. My plan is to do one big before and after post with all the things we did in the house. One day when the house is all tidy and I can take some nice after shots! Here goes:

Before - don't you love the dark green?
it really bothered my husband that he could sit on the toilet and touch both elbows to the walls. I wonder - who thought this use of space was a good idea....

And ahhhh, after. Much better, huh?

Elle :)

Monday, December 21, 2009

I wonder...

how long it takes for a bow (you know the holiday pressie type) to biodegrade. I'm wondering because I have been unable to find any suitable ones for my paper this year and I'm thinking of forgoing the whole bow thing. Well except for a few that are on the presents I deliver.... After all, it's okay if they don't "match" the tree, right? (I told you I obsess!!)

Anyways lovelies, this is going to be short and sweet. The days ahead will be very busy. What with my sister in town, 2 kids to control and all sorts of prep before the big day on Friday. Wanted to wish you all the happiest of holidays. I probably won't be back until 2010 unless of course I just have to share something amazing with you before then. Like maybe the most sparkly of presents I find for myself under the tree... maybe?!?!?

Elle :)

Friday, December 18, 2009


Life is amazing.

Today is my birthday. Yesterday was my husbands. And it was a BIG one for him. So we hosted dinner at our house last night. Only 7 guests and us. It was lovely, the food was delicious. This was my husbands choice as he wanted to spend the evening with our children rather than going out for an adult dinner and leaving the kids in the care of a baby sitter (one of the many many reasons I love this man!).

Needless to say our house was in quite a state of disaster this morning. No folks, I am not the woman who cannot sleep if her kitchen is dirty, quite the contrary!! I looked at the mess and was a tad perturbed. Today is my birthday, kind of sucks that I should have to clean up all this mess. I was feeling a little hoity-toity. I thought to myself - you silly child, thank God for your blessed life and your healthy children. Sing and dance while you clean as a display of your thankfulness for the many blessings in your life.

My son was in his crib, protesting nap time. I got him out and looked at books with him. Brought him to the dining room and did the Cheerio book with him (you know where you give them Cheerios to put in the holes?). He was totally content and so happy with the book and the cereal. Then the doorbell rang and a lovely bouquet of flowers was delivered to me. Then I decided to read a couple blogs and was moved to tears by one of them. I looked back at my son. The precious little boy who gives me heart attacks daily. And the tears streamed down my face. Thankful, joyful tears even though there were now a gazillion Cheerios added to the disaster. Isn't life amazing?

Thank-you. For your friendship, your comments, your posts that make me laugh, make me sad, entertain me.

Elle :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I really should...

have a party more often. My house never looked so good! Ok, well it did yesterday Saturday, before the party anyways. Now there are boxes of borrowed things to give back, holiday glassware, dinnerware and mugs to be put away, cake stands to be emptied (why did they leave me with all these sweets?!?!) and a big punch dispenser that I need to wash thoroughly. But it was so much fun. A lot of work, but worth it.

I have been hosting an ornament party for the past 5 years. This year we were up to 18 attendees! We squished in all cozy and had a ball. Everyone who comes brings a wrapped ornament. Usually you set a price guideline. Then everyone draws a number. When it's your turn you can choose an unopened gift or steal someone elses. If you get stolen from you can choose another unopened gift. You don't want to be #1 bcs there's no one to steal from and chances are if you get something fab it will get stolen! My sweet little girl helped me choose my gift it was an elf. Well about 2 turns later some one stole it and she was sooooo upset. Cried her little heart out. She didn't quite understand the concept at just under 4 years of age....

Okay I started this post on Sunday and now it's Tuesday. This is how my days go!

Have another party to plan for the weekend. More on that next week.

I better get this posted before it continues life in draft format. But before I sign off I want to say a special welcome to my new followers! I made a rule a while back that my blog budget was equal to my number of followers. I've had my eye on some cute pre made templates that almost fit within my budget. I might splurge and have a new look for the new year.

Anyways hope your December has been full of fun and that it continues!

Elle :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

My feet hurt

I've come to realize that the holidays also mean sore feet for me. My feet are accustomed to squishy flip-flops for most of the year. I've been in flip-flops for the better part of the past 5 years or so. No work out of the house means not many days of wearing fancy shoes. (do my sentences sound short and choppy or is it just me?) Anyways I wore heels last night and boy can I feel it today!

Prior to my recent trip to the US I was distraught whilst packing.. The problem? I owned zero pairs of stylish and comfortable (if that really exists) shoes appropriate for colder weather i.e. closed toe.

So on the one shopping day we had (yes, we were supposed to be Christmas shopping and not buying things for ourselves) I went on a Reva hunt. I'd been coveting a pair for a while. I found these beauties at Neimans.
{Tory Burch @ NM}

I figured first of all that since I haven't bought a pair of "shoes-shoes" in a WHILE I deserved them, secondly they were extremely versatile and thirdly (is that a word?) I can wear them to work next year. I do think they are smashing. However, my feet do not. I think these past 5 years of flip-flop wearing has made my feet spoiled. They must be wider (I'm sure 2 pregnancies has not helped) because my toes just feel squished in everything. I'm hoping that they stretch a bit and become as comfy as I'd hoped soon. I've heard they do.

And now a funny little related story. Let me give you a little background. Imagine living where there was no major retail shopping. No Target, no malls, etc.. Then imagine that you had to travel on a plane to get to major retail shopping a couple times a year. Catch up on all that you've missed (within the budget or credit limit, whichever is larger) then PACK it in a suitcase or 2 (keeping it under 50lbs.). AND THEN, here's the catch, pay 20% duty on all your purchases when you get home. This is my life. This life sometimes leads to a little, shall we say "creativity", on your Customs declaration on the way home. So back to the story...

Cast: Elle - you should know who this is
N - Elle's husband

Scene: Winding down Thanksgiving trip. Travel home prep has begun.

N: Uh, here's the receipt for your $200 shoes.

Elle: Yeah, I'm not going to declare them.

N: I think you are missing the point....

Elle :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Obsessions

Happy Monday!

I thought I'd take this opportunity to confess my holiday obsessions. There are silly things in life I obsess over like the holiday decorations, my holiday cards, scrapbook pages, etc... and more important things that I do not obsess over like the dishes in the sink, the unmade bed, the piles of laundry. But hey those are all hidden and my house looks fabulously festive!

When we were growing up our Christmas tree was a mish-mash of "anything goes". We had homemade ornaments, baby's first ornaments, assorted lights, m&m lights, bubble lights, musical lights, blinking lights, etc... It wouldn't have been featured in a glossy magazine, but it had our hearts and lives in it and we LOVED it. When we all got older, I told my mom it was time. Time to keep the mish-mash tucked away and get some new coordinated and beautiful ornaments. So we did - she had a gorgeous burgundy and gold tree and it was good. All the kids were older and we didn't miss the other tree.

I used to judge my friends who had the pretty tree in their house with young kids. They'd tuck the ornaments that didn't quite fit the bill around the back of the tree or leave them out all together. I hate to admit it, but I, for the most part, have become one of these people. I obsess about my holiday decor. Tree: beautiful, turquoise, green, silver and gold ONLY!!! Garlands: turquoise and brown ONLY!!! Dining room: traditional colors ONLY!!! Wreath - well that has yet to be determined.

Don't hate me yet!!! So today I went out and got a cute little 4 footer with multi colored lights especially for the kids. My daughter can decide if she'd like it next to the big tree or in the playroom. It will be our anything goes tree and I think that's a good compromise. Do you?? When I have a mo, I will take some pics and share.

Better go take my lunch dishes to the sink and maybe I should start the dishwasher....

Elle :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The necklace

I have a special necklace. It was given to me after my brother was killed in a boating accident just over 2 years ago. A dear friend gave one to me, one to my mother and one to my sister. In my mind, the two hearts represent my heart and my brother's heart. Mine is glass and fragile and not quite complete (anymore) - his is whole and unbreakable. My mother wears hers nearly everyday, I wear mine sometimes. I always take it with me when I travel. When taking off, I always say a prayer with my hearts in my hand and when we land I always say thank you with my hearts in my hand. It accompanied me on my recent trip to the States. I wore it on Thanksgiving. Later that night when I was getting my son to sleep, I fell asleep too. I hadn't gotten myself ready for bed - I was just very tired and ended up sleeping with my necklace still on. Something I'd never done before. In the morning, my mom came over and told me she had slept in her necklace the night before for the first time ever. She said she was so tired she guessed she had just forgotten to take it off. And I said "me too!". So we both slept in our special necklaces unintentionally and for the first time on Thanksgiving...

Thanks, I needed that xxoo.

Elle :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I'm Back!

Happy December Everyone! How did THAT happen? I don't know about yours, but my November was here and gone in a flash.
I'm really, really going to try to post here a little more often. You know how it is... you get busy, etc, etc.... When I started back at this I had some free time in the day a couple times a week and now that time has been filled with other stuff. So I need to regroup! I enjoy this too much to let it slide.
So yeah, I got to spend Thanksgiving in the good ole U-S of A! We were in Georgia and the fall weather was wonderful. Nice cool days and falling crunchy leaves. I got my fall fix. We tried to do some shopping and we did get a bit done but shopping with the kids is no fun. So we had to squeeze in a little time here and there when the kids were occupied. And shopping in a rush is no fun either!
I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. The holidays are here. I'm going to be preparing for my annual ornament party and getting all the decorations out over the next week+. It's not that I have a ton, it just takes a long time it seems.
I'll update you on my progress - how are you preparing for the holidays?? Any fun holiday travels planned?

Be back soon!
Elle :)