Friday, December 18, 2009


Life is amazing.

Today is my birthday. Yesterday was my husbands. And it was a BIG one for him. So we hosted dinner at our house last night. Only 7 guests and us. It was lovely, the food was delicious. This was my husbands choice as he wanted to spend the evening with our children rather than going out for an adult dinner and leaving the kids in the care of a baby sitter (one of the many many reasons I love this man!).

Needless to say our house was in quite a state of disaster this morning. No folks, I am not the woman who cannot sleep if her kitchen is dirty, quite the contrary!! I looked at the mess and was a tad perturbed. Today is my birthday, kind of sucks that I should have to clean up all this mess. I was feeling a little hoity-toity. I thought to myself - you silly child, thank God for your blessed life and your healthy children. Sing and dance while you clean as a display of your thankfulness for the many blessings in your life.

My son was in his crib, protesting nap time. I got him out and looked at books with him. Brought him to the dining room and did the Cheerio book with him (you know where you give them Cheerios to put in the holes?). He was totally content and so happy with the book and the cereal. Then the doorbell rang and a lovely bouquet of flowers was delivered to me. Then I decided to read a couple blogs and was moved to tears by one of them. I looked back at my son. The precious little boy who gives me heart attacks daily. And the tears streamed down my face. Thankful, joyful tears even though there were now a gazillion Cheerios added to the disaster. Isn't life amazing?

Thank-you. For your friendship, your comments, your posts that make me laugh, make me sad, entertain me.

Elle :)


SouthernBelleJM said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Biiiiiiiiiirrrttttthhhhhdaaaayyyy Dear Elle, Happy Birthday to you=)

Hope you have a fab one!

Summer (BisforBrown) said...

happy happy birtday elle!

i had when you wake up to a disastrous kitchen...ugh.

KristenLisa said...

Happy Birthday!

Here's hoping one of Santa's elves wanders away from the North Pole and cleans your kitchen!

Llama said...

I hope that your birthday was as amazing as you are! It sounds like you have such a wonderful family. It is times like those that just melt my heart. It is so nice to hear stories like this one...I just love it. Thank you too... for always making me smile.