Wednesday, January 12, 2011

10 7 things about today +1

Look at this - second post this week!

I'm crap at remembering to take photos and so I just decided to do this today. I'm going to write 10 things about today. Here goes:

1) I made a really-bad-for-the-size-of-my-thighs discovery this morning. Julian's waffles. Toaster waffle heaven here people! I discovered them at the store this week and thought I'd try them out on the kids. They prefer Eggo. Such unrefined palates they have...

2) I don't want to call him creepy, because it's not nice, but he is kinda creepy. There's this guy that works for the complex I work at. Many mornings when I park in the garage, he is there sweeping and he just gives me the creeps. I chose a different spot this morning because there he was, sweeping where I normally park {shiver}.

3) I brought the gift that my boss gave me for my birthday last month to work today. I want to return it. It's a beautiful Penhaligon's crystal atomiser. But really, who uses an atomiser? Not me I'm afraid. I have one single bottle of perfume on my dresser and it's SJP NYC and cost less than 50 bucks. Clearly I am not a perfume connoisseur. Wasn't able to return it today, maybe tomorrow...

4) My son got his first "time-out" at preschool today. He just started last week. I'm sure it's a sign of things to come. He and 2 other boys were throwing sand at each other. No way!

5) I got a pedicure today. OPI Miami Beet "a racy red-violet". I like it. A little less violet than it looks in the bottle and for me, that's a good thing. It was a lovely pedi, I was overdue. I had repolished and top coated my last pedi, um a couple times.

6) Polished my own nails because I really find manicures a waste of money. Unless my cuticles are in really bad shape, it bothers me to pay for a manicure that chips in 2 days. That's just me.

7) I'm getting my haircut tomorrow - yay! I'm also overdue for a haircut. I can get away with it bcs my hair is dead straight. Wait - I guess that isn't really about today. Well I made the appointment today.

8) What do you think of this watch? I've wanted a Philip Stein for a while - just want to try out the Teslar technology. My mom swears she feels a difference. I have a gift certificate to use that can just about cover the cost of this. I tried it on but I'm not sold on the rose gold. I wish it was stainless. (I'm getting off-base here as this is not about today either!)

9) Hmmmm... I think that about covers it.

It's 10:13 so time to turn this thing off and hit the sack, for as you know, 5:45am will be here too soon!

Elle :)

PS - Llama, I swear I had to look back at your email from ages ago to figure out how to strikethrough that 10! One day I'll remember all by myself! :D

Monday, January 10, 2011

I resolve

to try to comment more often and to blog more often. And maybe even tweet more often.

See I almost had a nice long post tonight, but then I read and commented and now it is 23 minutes past my bedtime and 5:45 am comes way to freakin' early.

Oh I also resolve to find some other lovely blogs that I look forward to reading.

Goodnight :)

PS - Want to know what else I got caught up in? Brave Girls Club/Camp. I don't feel like linking it, just go google it. Does that look great, or what?