Wednesday, January 12, 2011

10 7 things about today +1

Look at this - second post this week!

I'm crap at remembering to take photos and so I just decided to do this today. I'm going to write 10 things about today. Here goes:

1) I made a really-bad-for-the-size-of-my-thighs discovery this morning. Julian's waffles. Toaster waffle heaven here people! I discovered them at the store this week and thought I'd try them out on the kids. They prefer Eggo. Such unrefined palates they have...

2) I don't want to call him creepy, because it's not nice, but he is kinda creepy. There's this guy that works for the complex I work at. Many mornings when I park in the garage, he is there sweeping and he just gives me the creeps. I chose a different spot this morning because there he was, sweeping where I normally park {shiver}.

3) I brought the gift that my boss gave me for my birthday last month to work today. I want to return it. It's a beautiful Penhaligon's crystal atomiser. But really, who uses an atomiser? Not me I'm afraid. I have one single bottle of perfume on my dresser and it's SJP NYC and cost less than 50 bucks. Clearly I am not a perfume connoisseur. Wasn't able to return it today, maybe tomorrow...

4) My son got his first "time-out" at preschool today. He just started last week. I'm sure it's a sign of things to come. He and 2 other boys were throwing sand at each other. No way!

5) I got a pedicure today. OPI Miami Beet "a racy red-violet". I like it. A little less violet than it looks in the bottle and for me, that's a good thing. It was a lovely pedi, I was overdue. I had repolished and top coated my last pedi, um a couple times.

6) Polished my own nails because I really find manicures a waste of money. Unless my cuticles are in really bad shape, it bothers me to pay for a manicure that chips in 2 days. That's just me.

7) I'm getting my haircut tomorrow - yay! I'm also overdue for a haircut. I can get away with it bcs my hair is dead straight. Wait - I guess that isn't really about today. Well I made the appointment today.

8) What do you think of this watch? I've wanted a Philip Stein for a while - just want to try out the Teslar technology. My mom swears she feels a difference. I have a gift certificate to use that can just about cover the cost of this. I tried it on but I'm not sold on the rose gold. I wish it was stainless. (I'm getting off-base here as this is not about today either!)

9) Hmmmm... I think that about covers it.

It's 10:13 so time to turn this thing off and hit the sack, for as you know, 5:45am will be here too soon!

Elle :)

PS - Llama, I swear I had to look back at your email from ages ago to figure out how to strikethrough that 10! One day I'll remember all by myself! :D


Lindsey said...

I love Miami Beet! I went daring with my latest pedi and used Give me Moor! Which is a really dark purple. At first it brought me back to high school when the "goths" would wear dark polish. It has grown on me and now I love it!

Llama said...

You are too cute! You DID it! Im so proud of you friend! Whoo hooooo!
Those waffles sound delish...but hey if they'll eat the cheap stuff, take it! HAHA!
Be careful at work. Last month my boyfriend instructed a self defense class at his martial arts school. He said the #1 thing woman need to go by is their instincts. Always keep your head up, show him you are alert and aware of your surroundings. I know you feel guilty calling him creepy, but don't, you can never be too safe.
Return the atomiser and buy something you can use!!!
Poor little man...don't worry its just another lesson learned!
I agree with you 100% about professional manicures. My friends have no idea how I do my own nails so often but I've definitely gotten better over time.
I too need a haircut soooo very desperately! How about ill give you a little bit of my waves and you can give me your straight?!
The watch is goooorgeous! Get it! You deserve it sweetie!