Monday, January 10, 2011

I resolve

to try to comment more often and to blog more often. And maybe even tweet more often.

See I almost had a nice long post tonight, but then I read and commented and now it is 23 minutes past my bedtime and 5:45 am comes way to freakin' early.

Oh I also resolve to find some other lovely blogs that I look forward to reading.

Goodnight :)

PS - Want to know what else I got caught up in? Brave Girls Club/Camp. I don't feel like linking it, just go google it. Does that look great, or what?


Emm said...

Good luck with your resolutions! I'm hoping to give 2011 another chance and earnestly try this weekend to get things up and running again.

Llama said...

Oh how I miss your posts!! Brave Girls Club looks so amazing. What a wonderful idea. It looks so empowering!