Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy Holidays and all.

Hi there! I know it's been a while. Seems the only time I have enough time to post is on the odd day (thankfully not often) that I am home with a sick child. Actually I should be doing one of a long list of other things right now but what the heck.

Thought I'd take a moment to say Happy Holidays. I hope that you share a wonderful holiday season with the ones you love.

I've got about half of the decorations out. My tree looks like crap because my 2 year old enjoys taking ornaments off, playing with them and putting them back where he sees fit. And you know what? I like watching him do it. Nevermind that my MIL & SIL silently gasp when they come in and see the condition of it. I also am having trouble locating the tree topper. We have a lone gold spike up there waiting for the star that sits on it. I think I'll find it this weekend.

I am longing for a trip to the mall & Target. I have neither where I live. I didn't make a Pottery Barn Kids and Amazon order this year so I've been scouring the local stores (which do a decent job) for gifts. I just miss the experience, the selection, the PRICES.

I'm still a little bitter because I was forced to stay home for Thanksgiving this year. I wanted so bad to be back in the US with my Stateside family but no. I had to work for 4 stinkin hours so we had to nix the whole trip. Grrrrr....

But my sister arrives in 10 days and I do get to take some time off for the holidays. There are many days I wonder why I thought it was a good idea to go back to work - then the tuition bill arrives (for PreK-4 no less) and I'm abruptly reminded. Folks if you can send your kids to a good public school - thank your lucky stars!!!

This weekend I will be:
attending my 4 yr old daughter's ballet performance
attending 2 birthday parties with her
making card for the other kids in her class because they have requested no baked goods (bummer!)
finishing the holiday decorations AND putting the boxes back in the garage (I am shooting high here)
possibly having a date with my husband if this tummy bug my 2yo has is a 24 hour thingy
and hopefully a load of other fun family things!
I should squeeze in some gym time since the dozens of treats I got to take home from a cookie exchange have mostly been consumed by yours truly.

So yes, this is scattered and likely unexpected - but hey, that's what my life is all about.

Hope this finds you all enjoying your day. Happy holidays!!!

Till next time-
Elle :)

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Llama said...

Hey!! It was so nice to read your post! I miss you! I hope that the kiddies are feeling well and that you found some time for yourself during the craziness of the holidays. I think that it is so adorable that your little one found such a liking to your tree about a tree with personality! LOVE it!
Wishing you a merry and a happy happy NEW year!