Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More miscellany

See another great thing about keeping a blog is you have logged when your last pedicure was. I knew it was about time for another one.. My MiamiBeet is getting a bit dull.

Wondering what I've been up to? Birthday mania. My eldest turned 5 about 2 weeks ago. Had a ridiculously expensive joint party with a classmate a week prior, a tiny party at home just she and I, Daddy & little brother joined later for yet another song & candle, family party 2 days later and the final family party for the in-laws about a week ago. I couldn't wait to take that freakin' Tangled plastic tablecloth off the dining table! I baked cupcakes, cupcakes, a small cake and a regular cake. And yes, I ate too much cake. Now tomorrow is my mom's birthday. I was looking for an excuse to make Gooey Butter Cake because I tried a piece in early January and it has been haunting me ever since. But no, my mom wants her standard malted milk ball cake and it is, after all, HER day.

Work has also been crazy and will continue to be through the weekend.

Additionally my little one (2.5 and wild) started limping last week :( Doctor visit, ultrasound & x-ray and thankfully no irregularities. So just a mystery limp for now that has definitely improved and will hopefully disappear very soon.

And now just to spice things up a bit a couple of photos:

She was apparently getting a little tired of the endless festivities as well.

A photo of the aforementioned small cake taken without the auto function I might add.

Elle :)

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Llama said...

AWW! How "SWEET!" Don't you just wish we got tired from having too much fun?! Heheheh!