Sunday, November 22, 2009


Well Llama, you are the winner! I don't know how to post my random number screen, but it chose 5 and that was you!

Now don't get me wrong - I couldn't be happier about my winner but I'm wondering why only 2 of my followers entered. I'm flattered that you are happy to follow without getting gifts, but I was really hoping for more entrants. Oh well.

Angie, I wish I had a duplicate package to send to you!

We are flying out of here in about 3 hours. Headed to the Atlanta area where it is rainy and the high is 48! Brrrrrr! We're leaving a gorgeous sunny day here in the tropics. I'm really excited though. Looking forward to all the family time and the yummy food we have in store for us.

Not sure how easy it will be for me to post - so Happy American Thanksgiving everyone! I'm thankful for all my blogland buddies.

Llama, please email me your address so I can post your pressies :)

Elle :)


Debbie said...

See, that's what happens when my life gets too busy. I miss a great giveaway like this! Congrats to the winner.

Llama said...

WOW! I WON!?!? YAY! So exciting! I know you have been so busy lately...I didn't even see this post! I will send you my info! I am so excited! Thank you thank you! Hope your trip is wonderful!:)

Jane said...

Just found your blog. Exuse me while I peak around!

Kristin said...

I just got back from Thanksgiving in GA. Wasn't the weather gorgeous!