Friday, August 21, 2009


My anthem today was Toni Braxton's Unbreak My Heart. Here's the story....

Miss S is my 3 1/2 year old girl. Yesterday her Grandmother phoned me in the morning to invite Miss S to join them for the night at a beach house they were renting for a few nights. I spoke with Miss S and attempted to consult my husband [N] as Miss S had not spent the night out without us. N was not available so I decided to go ahead and pack her up and let her try it out. The house was about a 45 minute drive away so worst case I could collect her at bedtime when she decided she was ready to return home to her sweet mother.

So around noon her Grandma arrived to collect her and off they went. I called and called and called again to check on her. She was fine. When N heard she had joined them he thought it wasn't such a great idea and was not keen on the idea of having to drive 45 mins to collect her later that night. Anyways, our last call was at about 10 last night and still the report was that Miss S was perfectly fine playing with her cousins, etc (yes, my baby was still up at 10pm!).. I didn't speak to her because I didn't want to upset her and mess things up. We got off the phone and I had what I can only describe as "mother's pit". It's a feeling you get inside when you miss your babies. I haven't had it for quite a while. And actually I had the feeling for a few hours by then. So off to sleep for me. It was nice, I admit, to have no little visitors to our bed last night. I waited as long as I possibly could this morning to call. I couldn't wait to talk to my sweet angel. Well when I called Miss S had no interest in speaking to her mother. (stab knife in my heart). What? Did I hear you correctly? Did she just say no she didn't want the phone? You heard it right. My little independent girl didn't need to talk to me. I was crushed. She didn't want to speak to me for fear that I'd mention coming back home. I was heartbroken. N's response: "Now you know how I feel". She is a mommy's girl most of the time. "unbreak my heart, say you love me again..."

I felt sorry for myself for a while. Now she's back home and asleep. Exhausted from going to bed at 11 last night and up before 7 this am. I'm glad to have her home. Guess I missed her more than she missed me.


PS- I'm thrilled to have another follower and have had comments from 3 different commenters! YAY :)

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