Friday, August 7, 2009

An introduction

Hi to you!  I'm very excited to be blogging again.  I was a blogger up until fairly recently but was having a hard time finding the time to post so I stopped.  Now my baby's a bit older and I seem to find the time to read blogs so I'm going to try this again.  A fresh new start!  I've chosen to start anonymous this time.  My last blog ended up being most frequented by my mother's friends as a way to keep up with her grandkids.  Not exactly what I intended.  

I have a little voice in my head telling me that this isn't a good idea since I have already spent the majority of my "free" (hahahahaha) time this morning browsing blog designers websites and wondering if I should pay for a cuter blog then finding some cute free backgrounds and changing font colors and sizes, etc. etc.  Now it's the afternoon and the breakfast dishes are still in the sink.  

So my intention is to continue this blog and post a mix of things.  I'm promising myself that this will not become a blog about my kids.  I will be limiting posts mostly about my babies to no more than 2-3 per week.  I want to talk about the books I'm reading (currently Jennifer Weiner's Certain Girls - so far, so good), good food, misc things, and on and on.  I hope that when my travels take me stateside I will be having a few giveaways and perhaps participate in a swap or two.  I should mention, in case you haven't read the tiny sentence on the right about me, that I don't live in the US.  So giveaways are tricky for me.  It's not much fun to receive a package that you have to pay import duties on.  

As you can probably already tell - I tend to ramble.  So before I scare you away with an introductory post that reads like a novel, I will sign off.  I'm going to send some of my fave bloggers an email inviting them to visit me here.  I love comments and I hope to hear from YOU soon!!

Bye for now, 

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