Friday, August 14, 2009

My brain is overheating

Oh gosh, I'm so confused.  I was trying to get in a little blog time while one kid is out of the house and the other is napping.  My late night blogging is getting more and more difficult with N hogging my computer when he gets home.  He needs a brain break too and we don't have tv.  Well we have a tv but no cable/satellite feeds.  More on that later.... back to my brain.  

Ok, I'm in my 30's so when I was in college email was just starting to infiltrate our lives.  Seriously, like only the super genius kids used email my freshman year.  I didn't know what it was.  The aol explosion followed shortly thereafter.  And post college I had a career that involved computer usage for let's say 10 years.  Bottom line is I'm on the verge of being lost in this cyber world bcs I'm so far behind.  Staying at home with the kiddies does not a computer genius make.  So here I thought that since I was following people on google reader [gr], I would be one of the little squares on their following group.  I think I was wrong.  I need to be following via google friend connect [gfc].  So I'm going to try and regroup and reorganize and see where I get.  And am I right that gfc only works for blogger blogs?  Not wordpress?  Bummer.  Guess I'll have to follow on gfc & gr.  Ok going to go find a picture to use for me.  

Side note:  my mom's brain is overheating too.  She told me it was Friday the 13th this morning.  At least I come by it honest ;)

Happy friday the 14th!

EDIT:  ok, you can continue to feel sorry for my lame brain, but I am figuring this out.  Its all connected and I can follow non-blogger blogs.  Yay!


a H.I.T. said...

I'm in my late 20s and sometimes I feel like things are evolving too quickly for me too. Thank goodness my youngest brother is a tech whiz and just starting college. I'm hoping he'll still be willing to tutor me in comp skills when he's 30 with kids.

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