Monday, August 24, 2009

My Colors

I always enjoy seeing other people's homes and the colors they use inside. Today, I thought I'd share my interior color choices with you. What do you think? My camera isn't the greatest for photographing colors inside but these are mostly accurate. Ok the problem is probably me and not my camera but anyway....

Palladian Blue


Toasted Almond

Cream Puff (I didn't prep for these pics - this is real life people!)

Sweet Carolina

Parsley Tint

Bracken Brown

I am most often complimented on the Palladian Blue that is the main color we used in the house. It is a lovely pale aqua and I must say that nearly a year and a half later I'm still loving it.



Summer @ B is for Brown said...

i love paint! all of those colors are ver nice and perfect. love that green!

Llama said...

I loooove the Parsely tint! Wonderful color choices...i'll have to post mine some time...I have tried out some less than usual colors as well. :)

4evernite said...

What great photos! They are all lovely colors but I like the palladian blue. Makes me wanna grab a paint brush. :-)