Friday, July 8, 2011

Meet Max.

The bane of my existence! This puppy journey started in February. Well I guess in December really, when he was born. My husband wanted us to get a dog for security, I insisted on a family friendly version. Though, I being the dog lover in the relationship, was completely against getting a dog period. Alas the opportunity to add a English Lab to the family arose and here we are 5 loooong months later. I am truly living Marley & Me. This dog is bananas. Full out spastic, unruly, bananas!!!! (That should be in all caps) And strong as an ox.

This morning I had him out in the front of the house, on a leash, to do his business. A neighbor walks by with his 7 lb well behaved fluff ball. I should mention that I had slipped on a t-shirt dress with no bra and hadn't brushed my hair. Serves me right, I guess. I really shouldn't go out of the house like that. But I thought -it's Friday morning at 6:20am, who will I see? Well, Tom & fluffy were the unexpected answer to that question... Anyways said puppy of ox strength just about tore my arm off and drug me across the driveway. He's about 50-60 lbs now. Grrrrr.... And ok, I could forgive him for that. He was excited to see a "friend" but bring him inside, he steals shoes, catalogs, my kids art from the walls, you name it. And yes, we have bought him a gazillion toys and bones, kongs with hidden treats and he has a crate.

Well writing this post has taken a little longer than expected. I've had to stop at least 10 times for this unruly animal. Now it's time to get in the shower. I pray that one day he will be the good family dog I didn't agree to.

Not sure how the photos got positioned in the collage fashion, but I've no time to investigate or amend. Photos: All taken when I still found him marginally "cute". Max getting himself stuck in the shower, Max relaxing under the bed (we've removed all rugs) Max looking deceitfully peaceful and adorable, a better representation.

:\ Help!! Elle

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Llama said...

HAHAHAHA! Max is SO ADORABLE! You have definitely had your hands full! I love the picture where he is in the shower it is so so cute! Do your kids love him?
Labs are the sweetest dogs! We have had two in our family and I would love another one some day! ~ No no...don't get any ideas can't send Max here! LOL!
Hang in there sweetie!! HUGS***