Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Cupcake Carousel

Hi ya'll! I haven't had the time to post the big party photos yet. Plus I halfway forgot to take good photos because who has the perfect spread ready to photograph before the guests arrive?? NOT ME!

But this is a cute little find that I wanted to share: The Cupcake Carousel. I bought 2 of these (one pink, one brown!) last week. I thought they'd be perfect to store the 48 party cupcakes in overnight. I have another cupcake carrier that only holds 12 regular cupcakes which is not very practical considering most mixes make 24. Well I learned a few things. A) the Cupcake Carousel does not hold cupcakes baked in a wide cupcake pan (you know the ones where the cup kinda triangulates out?) B) the Cupcake Carousel does not hold an overfilled cupcake next to another overfilled cupcake (ie. no major muffin top) and it seems like there was a C) but it escapes me.

Tonight though, I perfected the Cupcake Carousel equation: 1/4 cup per cupcake and they all fit nice and comfy. 3 tiers of 8 each in these cute holders which stack inside.

And it could even accommodate the dinosaurs. Another cute kit by Meri Meri. So alas, tomorrow will be this birthday finale with cupcakes at preschool summer camp. Behavior didn't merit the treat last week. More on that later (maybe).

Happy Friday (nearly if you are reading this late tonight!)

Elle :)

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