Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Gratitude & a fresh new look

Whew! I know - I was sooooo ready for a new look too. You see, I made this deal with myself a while back that my blog budget would be, in dollars, the number of followers I have. That was back when I was new and ambitious and hopeful and full of comments, etc.. Then I took a break, then another and another and I never really got a budget for much more than a customized signature.

Well earrrly this morning I was visiting Sugarbelle, who makes the MOST ah-mazing decorated cookies I have come across. And well, as blogs do, that led me to Knitty Bitties, which led me to Michelle, which led me to Shabby Blogs. Thanks to all of you for leading me down the road to a fresh new look for FREE! And I'm sure if you are (which you most likely are) more tech savvy than I - you could do some major stuff with these free design elements. As for me, this is what I've come up with and I've learned a few things (which is ALWAYS good!) and I think it looks so.much.better. Not that I didn't appreciate my last free background, but it was time to change!

So here we are, I'm soooo excited and hoping to play around with some other bits and make this space even more pretty. Maybe one day I will have a budget big enough for a custom blog makeover. Until then, I'm pretty darn happy.

I need to take creative blogging 101 - anyone offer that??

Elle :)

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Llama said...

NEAT!!!! I LOVE it! I think you did an amazing job sweetie! Before I had my blog designed, I made my own. There are tons of freebies and 101 sites to help you along. If you want a signature you can get one for free too!!
This was one of my favorite sites to use:

If you need any other tips just let me know~ although I think you did a fabulous job!! :)