Friday, September 18, 2009

I've got a bad case of the grumpys!

4 reasons:

1) PMS - no explanation necessary
2) hunger - please read previous post regarding diet
3) my son has turned into a monster - I'm trying my best to be super patient mommy because he's got a little cold but truth be told he's driving me absolutely bonkers!
4) sleep deprivation - see #3

So I logged on to my dashboard to do a little reading and discovered that I got my first blog award. Thanks so much Llama - you brought a little sunshine to my very dark and cloudy day!!

I will be fulfilling my duties regarding this award shortly. Now I am off to take a shower while my little monster naps. I should go peek in at him so I will feel nothing but love for the precious sleeping pumpkin - boy, looks can be so deceiving!!

Elle :| :) {I know I'm not the only one with mood swings mixed emotions whilst pmsing}

1 comment:

Llama said...

Ohhhh noo! im so sorry to hear that your so stressed! I know how you feel sweetie! Don't worry...wishing you a wonderful weekend! Go away dark clouds!! :)