Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hi again!

I'm back. Yes, I got back a week ago - it's just been busy. As usual!

I'd love to make this post all fun and full of photos but truth be told it'll never happen unless I sit here right now to catch up, photoless.

Thanks for all your suggestions. I did end up scouting out the local shops and was lucky to find a few bargains. I got 2 solid tops. Kind of fancied up t-shirts with nicer sleeves & a cute neck in a solid turquoise & kelly green. Paired them w white pants and dark jeans respectively, dressed them up with some BARGAIN jewelry and voila - I was set. I even got a compliment on my heels that look brand new but are really "I can't remember how old"!

Our meetings were over around 3pm on Friday. We were staying in West Palm Beach and meetings in Palm Beach. I'd never been and had always wanted to go to Palm Beach... Worth Ave, the Via's, The Breakers, etc... But heck, when that meeting was over my boss and I made a beeline for the closest nice mall ($40 cab fare away) and hit the shops. Such a shame we didn't have time to explore Palm Beach.

Sidebar here - I discovered the MAGIC of Moleskin while I was away. Moleskin is an inexpensive adhesive felt (you can find it in the Dr Scholls section of your local drug store/supermarket) that you cut and stick on to your foot wherever your shoes are uncomfortable. Ladies let me tell you - this stuff is awesome. You may remember me mentioning a while back that I wear flip flops or the sort 24/7. My feet survived the business trip quite well thanks to this simple product. I've even used it since I've been back on an adorable pair of flip flops that had a metal piece where the 3 straps meet that was terribly uncomfortable on the tops of my feet. Cut out a little piece of moleskin and I don't even notice the piece anymore. Go out and get some!

Apparently I'm getting old. I say this because my trip to the mall was a little anti-climactic. Banana Republic was a little blah to me and I found most of the tops a little odd. It was such a muted palette I was a little bored. It's spring people!! I did score a cute pair of dressy jeans, a cute black shirt dress & some fake jewels. Then I went to J Crew. Cuter colors but a tad strange. I don't know - I just can't get excited over racks of Dukes of Hazzardesque plaid shirts that look like they've been crumpled up on the floor forever before they were hung up. Anyone else relating to me here or am I truly just getting old? I didn't even have palpitations in the Nordstrom shoe department. They had a sale going on and it was a little too crowded and confusing. Thankfully our shopping was topped off with buzz-worthy margaritas and a yummy dinner at PF Changs.

I was so busy I hardly had time to fret over my babies. I was gone for less than 48 hours. Of course, they did fine without me but they were super happy to see me. Nothing like that greeting - oh the love!

I'm so proud of my weekend project... I made a velvet lining for my jewelry drawer! I can be quite crafty & innovative when inspiration strikes. I mentioned my recent bargain/fake jewel acquisitions. I couldn't take the mismatched boxes and ziploc bags any longer. I went out and got me a piece of foam board, some black velvet, dusted off my glue gun and $18 later I had a pretty impressive drawer liner if I do say so myself! Fake on the left, real on the right. I don't really have a very extensive jewelry collection. I'm a classic kind of gal with a few diamonds and pearls. Wasn't much into the fake scene for a while. But with the latest "statement pieces" trend, it was either pass the trend all together or embrace costume jewelry. I chose the latter.

What else has been going on. Oh yes - work. We got our first merchandise delivery last week. Ooh-la-la how fun! This week our components & cabinetry are supposed to be installed. Hoping to open early next month. I WILL share photos of the shop because let me tell you it is going to be nothing short of FABULOUS! We attended a hoity-toity fundraising tea on Friday and donated some items to the auction & raffle. The response we got was fantastic. Our auction item went for triple the minimum bid and I know the winning bidder. Yay!

Well I guess that pretty much brings you up to speed here. Oh I must mention that I watched Precious last night. My goodness I had a splitting headache all night from crying my eyes out. Have you seen it? It just broke my heart to pieces. Geez Louise, if you are ever feeling like life's dealt you a crappy hand - sit down and watch it and you will likely feel like the luckiest person alive afterwards. Unfathomable to me, yet way too common in our world. How? Why? Ugh....

Nighty night everybody. I'm going to catch up and comment on what some of you have been up to!

Elle :)


Llama said...

Sounds like work went wonderful! Great to hear! I can't wait to find out more about it! Moleskin rocks! Especially when you have new shoes you are trying to break in! Don't worry about the shopping feeling. I too get that more and more lately...maybe I am getting old too! It is weird though...the clothing stores I used to love...seem like they cater more and more to teenage girls. Believe me, this wont stop the shopping...i will just have to find a new direction. I HAVE to see Precious! My boyfriend was trying to get me to watch that all weekend I will have to make some time!
Hope you are well friend! :)

What was done said...

Getting old is only in our mind.
Age never prevented people from doing things:

SouthernBelleJM said...

I just ordered Push from Borders. I'm going to rent the movie after I read the book. Guess I'll need some tissues!!!

Iva said...

I haven't seen Precious yet but for sure I want to!!