Thursday, October 15, 2009

Withdrawals and weight gain...

So Sunday morning, the one last pacifier [paci] went missing. I've been wanting to wean my boy from his paci as he's almost 15 mos. I'm not a believer in the long, drawn out relationships with bottles & pacis. So on Sunday I looked and looked and finally gave up. He napped without and went to bed without and I decided it was over. It's been rough - the paci was found but kept hidden. Finally last night we had a good night of sleep again. He was definitely having some serious withdrawals there for a few nights. And who are we kidding, at 2 in the morning when I'm exhausted and he's crying I was ready to give in - but I stayed strong. It's tough kids! I think we are now on the way up.

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In other Elle's household news: my granddaddy & his wife [gd&r] are visiting. My gd&r are southern folks and love feeding good ole southern food to folks like me. My weight watcher points have been off the charts. Biscuits, eggs, gravy. Chicken & dumplings. Today they are making me a pan of cornbread. Oh goodness. They leave on Friday and I'm going to miss them when they go, but my weight loss efforts will not. This week I gained weight. Not much and it's certainly no mystery where the weight came from. So I've thrown in the towel till Sunday or Monday. We've got a fundraising dinner on Saturday night at an ultra fab restaurant. So forget about trying to be good there! Oink, oink!

Hope all is well in your world -

Elle :)

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Llama said...

Bye bye "paci!" I'm sure this hasn't been easy for any of you...but it IS for the best...hehe. SO cute!
I was on WW for a while and its always "those" kinds of weekends that are the toughest...dont worry enjoy your time with your family....ENJOY amazing fun food and next week eat EXTRA healthy to make up for it too short to worry about points EVERY day.xo